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  • A Portrait of a Young Man That Knows Something
  • SOLD
  • Two Nude Figures Reflect On Life Together
  • A Self Portrait At 31
  • SOLD
  • Eutierria
  • It's A Big Beautiful Life
  • A Moment In Heaven
  • Lost Boys
  • Colors That Sing
  • Love
  • SOLD
  • The End Of Summer
  • Stay Still, Stay Silent, the Wind Breathes
  • ...So I can fly far, far away.
  • SOLD
  • SOLD
  • Bliss
  • The Existential Crisis Of Not Knowing
  • Four Nude Figures In Nature
  • My Old Kentucky Home
  • Coexistence
  • Don't Bring A Cactus To A Flower Party
  • Kids Playing With Guns
  • SOLD
  • Reminisce

Above are select works created from 2018-2021

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