Artist Statement

Like most artists Joshua Jenkins started creating art as a child, primarily drawing in his sketchbooks. In his adolescence, he was influenced by cartoons, comics, and anime. It wasn’t until college that Jenkins’ interests switched over to painting where he was quickly inspired by the modern art movement of the 20th century. Jenkins graduated from Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY) with a BA in Digital Media with a minor in Studio Art in 2010.  It was there that he was trained in an environment with a mindset of free painting. The professors at Marist taught that the primary focus was on finding one’s own voice verse focusing on the traditional rules and techniques of fine art. Jenkins took this direction to heart and continues it till this day. 

Throughout his 20’s and into his early 30’s, Jenkins’ work primarily focused on the male figure through an expressive and abstract medium. His forms were distortedly abstract with unabashed paint strokes and bold colorspulling influences from the German/Post-Expressionist movements. Jenkins drew a lot of my subject matter from his personal experiences, his sexuality, and of people around him at the time. Jenkins’ primary focus was to paint something that could make people feel what he was feeling through his art.

Now in his mid-30’s, Jenkins’ art direction has shifted away from expressive painting (for the time being) as he explores influences from street art & pop art movements. In his latest body of work he is using found imagery, personal photography & drawings that are then digitally manipulated, printed, and collaged (wheat pasted) onto various materials (from found wood to canvas.) The subject matter continues to evolve day to day, but has so far primarily focused on the juxtaposition of nostalgic imagery with a contemporary point of view.

Curriculum Vitae