For inquiries on artwork(s) please fill out the form below:

A Note About Online Purchases

Please inquire about a specific artwork by filling out the form above. All online orders must be paid via PayPal. Absolutely no checks or bank transfers will be accepted. The prices listed on the website are only the price of the individual work. The buyer is expected to pay shipping & handling along with a 6% sales tax for all sales which will be calculated after the initial inquiry of the work.

Shipping & Handling

The Shipping & Handling price varies depending on the destination, the work’s size/weight, and the way a piece is shipped. Most works will be shipped via UPS. Once the Shipping & Handling price is confirmed it will then be added to the original artwork’s price. Please include your full mailing address in the original art inquiry for an accurate shipping price quote. Expect 2-4 business days for shipping to take place after full payment is received.

Below is a list of shipping options that are available through the Artist:

BOX  $-$$
Most work smaller than 4 feet can usually be shipped in a secured box at a reasonable cost.

CRATE $$$-$$$$
Any works larger than 4 ft are recommended to be shipped by crate through Deven 7 Studios—a local professional framer & specialty shipper that the artist trusts and works with regularly. Please note that crate shipping will require additional time for arrangements and quotes to be made.

TUBE $-$$
Shipping works un-stretched in a dent-resistant tube is also an option. If you plan on getting your artwork framed this option is preferred by most professional framers as they like to stretch the art themselves to make sure it fits their frames properly. This shipping option is also the least expensive. However, please note that not all works can be shipped in a tube. Some artworks may be too textured or collaged. If this is the case they may not be recommended by the artist to be rolled up—without the risk of cracking or damaging the artwork. Tube shipping can not surpass 6ft in length and also may require additional time for custom shipping tubes to be ordered.


All sales are final.

Payment Program

Payment Plans are available on works sold through Joshua Jenkins’ Studio. Payment plans are available on all works over $500. A 35% down deposit is required to start all payment plans. Plans are available for up to six months. If a plan is not paid off within six months then the buyer will forfeit the purchased work and previous payments. Payment plans may also be available for my works that are being represented by galleries or consignment shops⁠—please contact the business for further information.

Commission Requests

The artist is currently not taking commissions at this time.

Collector Locator

Below is a visual indicator of documented collectors across the United States and around the world.

*This map was last updated on January 4th, 2023.